Welcome, How Do I Do

Somehow I am finding this difficult to write.  It’s been years since I’ve been taunting myself with the idea of writing a blog.  Two years, to be exact, is the amount of time my parents have been taunting me with the idea of writing a blog.  And yet, here I am, twenty-four, living in New York City, trying to pursue a career in screenwriting, and writing a blog.

I’m a little formal, so let me just say “Welcome!”  I’ll try to keep to a posting schedule of Tuesdays and Fridays, but nothing is guaranteed.  I’ve messed with the idea of keeping it one subject based.  Food.  Movies.  But everything started lumping together.  Then I did a video essay.  It is awesome, but making one is a lot of work.  I could dive into the details on how I downloaded a virus on my laptop while working on it, but I won’t go there.  There are only a few months where I can really dig deep into my favorite topic: the Oscars.  Not enough to sustain a blog and compete with the likes of Scott Feinberg or the entire team of IndieWire.  So here I am, contemplating, and afraid of falling behind.  (Yes, I do get a bit pessimistic from time to time.)  So out of a long wait of when to launch, and what to launch it with, and what to talk about, this is it.  It is a combination of all the above.  My lack of interest in summer blockbusters is somewhat unique, as I would rather spend the hot summer months seeing an indie over the latest MCU feature, so that’s my spin.  But I have an interest in some blockbusters (Ghostbusters reboot anyone?), so it’s up to you to decide if it’s offbeat enough.

This is just me.  Being me.  Writing what I want to write about.

So in anticipation of something real to come out on Friday, here is the video essay I made as part of my post production class at Long Island University – Brooklyn four months ago.  It gives you the sense of what I like and don’t like.  Enjoy!

Author: Samantha Felmus

Samantha Felmus is a writer with a cinematic vision. She holds a BA in Liberal Arts with concentrations in film from Sarah Lawrence College and a MFA in writing and producing for television from Long Island University - Brooklyn, specifically the TV Writer's Studio Program. In her downtime, she likes to cook and watch all the random things available on Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. She currently resides in New York City.

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