Storytime: Weekends are the Worst


Friday nights are the start of any normal weekend (unless your last workday is Thursday, then it’s early, and if your workweek includes weekends, well there really isn’t one to look forward too).  It is when people can go out, get a drink, dance at a club, and spend time with their friends and romantic partners.  For me, however, a Friday night is usually a celebration of making it through another week, so, like all other Friday nights, I spend them in an apartment or dorm room enjoying dinner, drinking a bit of alcohol, and watching whatever is of interest and available on YouTube or Netflix.

Weekends are still of a bit of a struggle for me.  It’s the only downtime I really get between internships/work, job interviews, and classes (which does not exist anymore in my lifetime) to do my laundry, clean up the place, and cook a weeklong of meals that I can pop in the microwave the minute I walk into the front door instead of ordering my favorite comfort food on Grubhub for the price of one $15 minimum.  I don’t have the luxury to really spend every weekend doing nothing but fun.  But when I do, I plan it for myself.  Therefore, my money is not spent on getting Grey Goose for the house or a cover charge for the bar that’s holding trivia night.  It’s used for $15 admission tickets to the Angelika, or the AMC located right around the corner from me.

Also, Friday is the only night where I feel that I need to chill.  For those who know me well know that I’m an introvert and do not do well with crowds.  I like conversations to be like a ping-pong match between two people, where the taking of turns is like swinging your paddle for a good minute before it’s the next player’s turn.  I need space.  I crave space.  And this is me time.  So with my tired eyes and raw feet (in result to deciding to wear platform sandals to my first day at a temp job), I have missed my first deadline.  But this has given me the time to rant about what I do on weekends that may seem, well, un-mainstream.

There is this idea that we all need to party on Fridays and Saturdays at the club, drinking.  At least, I think that is what I get from Top 40 songs (I think Key & Peele had the same idea to when they parodied LMFAO).  My Fridays and Saturdays are dedicated to catching up on the most important thing in my life: TV series that I apparently have to watch and those gems that I missed in theaters.  I’m trying to get better at socializing against the grain of my anxiety, and every day is a victory.  I just happen to like my weekends quiet.  There is a piece of me deep inside that wishes that I had the nerve to experience that ideal weekend lifestyle, but that’s rare.  I think my New Year’s resolution needs to be about being open to the unexpected.  If only New Year’s resolutions worked, which, in my experience, has never worked.

Author: Samantha Felmus

Samantha Felmus is a writer with a cinematic vision. She holds a BA in Liberal Arts with concentrations in film from Sarah Lawrence College and a MFA in writing and producing for television from Long Island University - Brooklyn, specifically the TV Writer's Studio Program. In her downtime, she likes to cook and watch all the random things available on Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. She currently resides in New York City.

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