Dark Comedy and ‘Free Fire’

What makes guns and shooting people funny?

What is it about dark humor?  Why do I find myself laughing at something so gruesome or so depressing?  Or why do I think Jewish stereotypes are funny despite being Jewish?  It must be the set-up.  That’s why.

Somehow, that was the question that was posed today in my head.  I had gone to see Free Fire over the weekend because (1) it looked like a fun shoot-‘em-up with humor to get over the nauseating gore, and (2) going to the movies has been an activity that I’ve been doing often during the past three months. Continue reading “Dark Comedy and ‘Free Fire’”

Oscar Predictions 2017

It’s that time of the year again.  The “La La Land” awards, sorry, the Academy Awards/Oscars are this Sunday.  And while it is going to be a tense and political ceremony (more so than last year’s parade of causes speeches), it will still be exciting to watch to see who ultimately wins the grand prize. Continue reading “Oscar Predictions 2017”