Playlist for These (Happy/Dark) Times

Today, I’ve been having a little difficulty finding any joy.  All I can think of are the worst things that will come in four years.  Dictatorship and tyranny.  Massive oppression.  Greater divide between wealth and poor.  Not everyone thinks about this, but I do, and so do my peers.  So I did the one thing that could heal me: make a playlist.  It seems odd because the last thing I want to do is enjoy or make art, but it’s the only way I heal and get away from things, so I will proceed. Continue reading “Playlist for These (Happy/Dark) Times”

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds: An Appreciation

It’s been more than a week since the deaths of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, and it has been about two months since I’ve written a post (more on that in another piece).  But that shouldn’t stop me from mourning the lost of two ladies that have had a huge impact on me as I grew up. Continue reading “Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds: An Appreciation”

Post Election Apologies from the Media Junkie

It’s been about 12 hours since the US election results came in, and, like millions of people, I’m very nervous.  There are millions out there cheering, let’s not forget that, just not the ones I’m personally friendly with.  As we try to move on, I feel like I need to apologize for a bunch of things. Continue reading “Post Election Apologies from the Media Junkie”

In Response to the Honest Trailer of ‘Ghostbusters’ (2016)

This Tuesday brought around the Honest Trailer for the remake of Ghostbusters (2016).  Based on it’s past history with trolls and threats from Ghostheads that love the original so much, Screen Junkies, the new media studio responsible for the Honest Trailer series, turned off their comment section, preventing anyone from spewing random hate for the content as well as allowing people to give criticism, praise, or suggestions that they usually ask for in the comments section. Continue reading “In Response to the Honest Trailer of ‘Ghostbusters’ (2016)”

NYFF: Déjà Vu for Natalie Portman Oscar Buzz, But For All the Wrong Reasons

It’s a case of déjà vu, as Darren Aronofsky and Natalie Portman have teamed-up for a new Oscar bait film.  Six years after Black Swan, Aronofsky serves as a producer for Pablo Larraín’s Jackie.  It recently had its US premiere at the New York Film Festival to a sold out crowd of traditional festival goers and Portman fans waiting to see if it’s true that the actress will be in the running for an Oscar again.  Me, I checked it out to see if it was another over-acted performance from the Israeli-born actress that would just get swirled up in applause from critics.  And yes, it does feel like that again. Continue reading “NYFF: Déjà Vu for Natalie Portman Oscar Buzz, But For All the Wrong Reasons”

NYFF: The Palme d’Or Re-Showdown of “I, Daniel Blake” and “Toni Erdmann”

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to catch some films at the New York Film Festival.  While the main slate of this year’s edition is mostly a repeat of this year’s Cannes Film Festival back in May, it is nice to see how these once competitive titles played out for a juried audience to a public one.  Continue reading “NYFF: The Palme d’Or Re-Showdown of “I, Daniel Blake” and “Toni Erdmann””